Kırıkkale'de savunma sanayine yönelik kalifiye eleman yetiştiriliyor


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The training of the trainees continue at the Vocational Training Center, which was opened by KTSO to eliminate the shortage of qualified personnel needed especially in the defense industry.

In the Vocational Training Center, which is opened in Yahşihan with an investment of approximately 5 million liras from Ahiler Development Agency, trainees, who finished 172 hours training successfully, able to take certificates and able to work in the private sectors.

KTSO Chairman of the Board Ahmet Varli said that to the AA reporter, 2 years ago in Kırıkkale and in Turkey really was open about the qualified element, and therefore Ahiler Development Agency was presented with a project to find a solution on qualified intermediate element. Added that, this project was accepted by Ahiler Development Agency with high point and this project was started by 34 trainees one month ago. The project’s cost approximately 5 million for us.

Varlı, noting that there is a need for intermediate elements in every sector, expressed that Kırıkkale stands out with the defense industry, said that they want to find a solution about qualified personnel for companies. Because we have both the MKE and the ongoing investments of ROKETSAN and they need qualified personnel so our trainees will be able to work especially this sectors.

Varlı stated that they have invited everyone who wants to get a profession without making any distinction and that they can apply by coming to our room. He said that they are focusing especially on practical training and that they have finally received a certificate and that they want to continue this project for many more years.

Kırıkkale Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Principal Çetin Yıldız, who provides education at the center, also explained that electric arc welding, under-gas welding, argon welding and CNC lathe, CNC milling trainings were given both theoretically and practically in the course opened through the Public Education Center.

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