KTSO’s principle of not being a member without a member;

  • To provide continuous improvement opportunities for our members, especially trainings,
  • To follow a transparent and open management policy towards our members,
  • Rewarding our successful members, ensuring that other members take samples,
  • To provide all kinds of consultancy and technical services for the added value of our members for our province,
  • To support the development of the performance of member merchants in business development and foreign trade,
  • Taking into consideration the suggestions, complaints and expectations of the members together with the understanding of management,
  • To evaluate members’ requests, complaints and suggestions in a fast, efficient, objective, fair and confidential manner to consider them as opportunities for improvement,
  • Not to request any material expectation and cost in the solution of complaints with IS0 10002 MMY Complaint Handling Guide,
  • First of all, complaints and suggestions for the solution of the proposed member are also taken into consideration and evaluated in accordance with the legal and current standarts,
  • Establish a member satisfaction system that will solve the complaints and update and improve this Policy by constantly observing it.

Date: 8.03.2019
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