2.4. Legal Responsibilities, Legislation Analysis and Tasks

KTSO is a public institution which is established with the 135th Article of the Constitution and fulfills the duties and responsibilities laid down in the Law no. 5174 on TOBB.

The Main Tasks are;

  • To protect and develop professional ethics, dicipline and solidarity, to work in the development of trade and industry in accordance with public interests,
  • To provide the information required by the official authorities within the framework of the related laws and to provide all kinds of information that members may need in their profession, to facilitate their acquisition, to initiate initiatives leading to members of electronic commerce and internet networks to establish and operate the necessary infrastructure in these matters,
  • To carry out all kinds of examinations related to trade and industry, to keep the indexes and statistics of economic, commercial and industrial activities in the regions, to follow and record the market prices of the main items and to spread them through appropriate items,
  • To draft and approve the documents in Article 26 of the Law
  • To make offers, wishes and applications to official authorities for matters related to professional activities; if it is in the professional interest of all or a part of its members, chamber will make a lawsuit on behalf of these members,
  • To determine the commercial and industrial customs within the working areas, to submit to the approval of the Ministry and to announce,
  • To make a compulsory professional decision to be followed by members,
  • To participate in domestic and international fairs and exhibitions,
  • If necessary, determine and approve the maximum price tariffs of the goods which listed in Article 125 of the Tradesmen and Artisans Law numbered 507 in accordance with the regulation to be issued by the Ministry for its members,
  • To carry out duties to be given by Union and Ministries within the framework of relevant laws regulations,
  • To keep the member records according to the standarts set by the Union and to keep documents related to membership fees and to report them Union upon request,
  • To conduct the business in case of the delivery to the ministries or other public institutions and organizations which is the framework of the purposes and duty area stated in this Law with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • To give the necessary documents to the members and to provide necessary services for them,
  • After evaluating the applications for domestic fairs, offering to the Union,
  • Preparing capacity reports for industrialists,
  • To examine consumer complaints about the members and to carry out other activities in line with the purpose of establishment,

As the Chamber of Commerce and Industry within the framework of other legislation provisions;

  • Establishing or participating in laboratories for the determination of the qualities trade goods, international calibration and test measurement; providing documentation services,
  • To open trade, maritime and industry related courses with permission and supervision of the Ministry of National Education, to help out these opening cources, to train students and to have interns required fields in domestic and abroad, to develop and study guidance for vocational and technical education and training, organizing documents related to this practice in the branches not covered by the Vocational Education Law no 3308 as limited to the workplaces of its members,
  • In the request of those concerned, to be a referee in commercial and industrial disputes and to form arbitration rules,
  • To participate in exhibitions, fairs, public stores, warehouses, museums and libraries which are opened or will be opened
  • Establish and manage industrial sites, industrial zones, organized industrial zones, technology development zones, technoparks, technology centers in the areas deemed competent ministries,
  • To be a free zone founder or operator within the framework of the Free Zone Act No. 3218, to operate bonded warehouses and to establish trade fair centers, congress centers and trade centers, to operate or to participate in established one.

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