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Kirikkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board Ahmet Varlı, who has made evaluation about problems of increasing of the electric unit price which is used all ındustry companies and homes, said that “ Making  new arrangements, price of energy comsumption used in business and ındustry should be re-determined.” .

Chairman of the TSO Varlı, who has indicated that all sectors has reacted to raised electric bills and they said that all bills are unacceptable size, said that “ icreasing in above normal cost of electric bill threatens to our country’s economic conditions.” Varlı who expressed that because of the stop of login the naturalgas, which is coming from Iranian to our country, electric cut in the industry cause hitchs in the production, has reminded that because of the high electric bill, production has decreased and thus export and economy experienced adverse affects.

Varlı has continued that “Electric bills are accepted as a lowest unit of the company’s cost, but today it is turning into the highest unit of cost. This situation has appear obstacle of trade period. After the last raise of the electric bill, bills will be higher than rent of company. In addition to labor costs and production costs, the energy cost should be reduced to acceptable levels as soon as possible for the future of our country and our enterprises. Besides, application, which using of 150 kW electric limit for home are increased 210 kW, should practice for the business. Otherwise, this situation will cause unemployment in the short term and company bankruptcy in our region. We believe that within this scope, our government will take necessary precautions for the market actors.”

Date : 8.02.2022 / Location :
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