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The first meeting of the High Board of the Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established in accordance with the legislation organized by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), was held under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board Ahmet Varlı in 2023.


The purpose of the establishment of the Kırıkkale CCI High Board, as required by TOBB legislation, is to conduct studies on the region's situation, form opinions that will contribute to commercial and industrial development, resolve issues, and establish communication with relevant institutions. The first meeting of the Kırıkkale CCI High Board for the year 2023 was held. The meeting, chaired by Ahmet Varlı, was attended by board members Dede Yıldırım, the Mayor of Keskin, Erol Gürol, the owner of Gülenler Shopping Mall, Mustafa Fazıl Bostancı, the owner of Bostancı Poultry Farm, Timuçin Bağbaşı, the owner of Bağbaşı Construction, Haydar Yöndemli, the owner of Yöndemli Furniture and Construction, Rasim Tekdemir, the owner of Tekdemirler Marketing, Murat Baykal, the owner of Çevre Geri Dönüşüm (Environmental Recycling), Ekmel Cönger, the owner of Talha Insurance, Akif Yılmaz, the owner of ARD Insurance, İlhan Kartal, the owner of Kartal 71 Construction, Hanife Cengiz, the owner of Elif Hearing Center, Özlem Özcan, the owner of Kırıkkale News Agency, and Caner Kırlangıç, the owner of Ace Agency.


During the meeting among the board members, Caner Kırlangıç was elected as the deputy chairman of the board. The meeting discussed the topic of "preparations of cities for disasters and emergencies," which gained prominence again after the earthquake disaster that occurred on February 6th. Chairman Ahmet Varlı emphasized the idea of establishing well-equipped container cities that can meet their own energy needs in every city for use in times of disasters. The meeting also discussed collaboration efforts to foster a culture of joint ventures in the city and enable the utilization of resources for the economy. Chairman Varlı stated that the Vocational Training Center established by the CCI continues to provide training to address the skilled labor shortage, one of the major needs of the industrial sector, and that registrations are still being accepted. He reminded everyone that they could benefit from free training in CNC and welding. Lastly, it was decided during the meeting that the High Consultation Meetings, which are required to be held twice a year by legislation, would be held every three months.


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