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Dear members,


Ahiler Development Agency has initiated the Technical Support Program to enhance institutional capacity in areas of regional development that are of significant importance. The program aims to meet the consultancy needs of SMEs operating in the manufacturing industry in our region, with a total budget of 2,500,000 TL. The priorities identified in the Technical Support Program include:


- Increasing overall productivity of businesses through lean production techniques.

- Ensuring energy efficiency in production.

- Developing the balance sheet risk management skills of businesses.


In the technical support program, up to 200,000 TL of support will be provided per project, with 100% funding. The support will not be directly paid to the applicant but will be provided by the agency through service procurement or other means.


For the promotion of the relevant program in our province, a presentation meeting will be held at our chamber's meeting hall on 19.06.2023 at 14:00. The meeting is open to the participation of all our members.

Date : 16.06.2023 / Location :
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