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A comparison study was conducted between Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce, Polatlı Chamber of Commerce and Eskişehir Chamber of Industry within the scope of the Accreditation system, which was established to increase the prestige of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in the business world, to expand the service types offered by chambers and to improve the quality of services.

Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union of Turkish Chambers System of the European Chamber in order to ensure the compliance of the system members, which was established keeping in the forefront satisfaction Accreditation System within the scope of the study to compare the sharing of good practices from Kirikkale Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Ahmed Şerbetçioğlu, Accounting and Accreditation Officer Kubra Altıntığ, Press Release and Data Processing Officer İsa Sarıaydın, Secretary General İnanç Ölmez from Polatlı Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Secretary General Zeynep Gökçe, Accreditation Officer Hande Yapıcı, Secretary General Mehmet Yurdakul from Beypazarı Chamber of Commerce and Raziye Uzunoğlu, Accreditation Officer.

In the comparison study conducted with the visit to Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, all the headings of the Accreditation System Standards were handled and good practices between the chambers were compared. During the benchmarking visit, the host, Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Secretary General Volkan Günaydın gave information about the general structure of the room, personnel status, and the economic structure of the city, while Deputy Secretary General Hakkı Sarpkaya and İsmail Öztürk and Accreditation Officer Gökhan Bursalı gave information about the work done for the integration of the room into the system. Kırıkkale TSO Secretary General Ahmet Şerbetçioğlu, who made an evaluation about the benchmarking study, said that Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was among the accredited 5-star chambers in 2018, constantly renews itself in order to offer better quality service to its members, such comparison studies are determined and corrected within the bounds of possibilities. He said that the standards were raised.

Date : 08.09.2020 / Location : ESKİŞEHİR SANAYİ ODASI
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