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As part of our Chamber's training activities, an Executive Seminar was held for the members of the Women Entrepreneurs Board. Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Leadership and Vision topics were covered in the training seminar given by Adnan Akın.

Leadership and Vision training was given to the members of the Kırıkkale Women Entrepreneurs Board in the executive training organized by our chamber in order to spread the future-oriented management and organization approach in the business world, to gain leadership qualifications for managers, to try to overcome the communication barriers between managers and employees, and to increase the empathy skills of managers. Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. During the executive training given by Adnan Akın, the participants were told about the characteristics of a strong leader, communication, motivation, empowerment, positivity, reliability, productivity, feedback, responsibility, commitment, and the importance of flexibility in management. Stating that there is a need for leading managers with a modern management approach in order to be able to compete and to be successful in issues such as efficiency, effectiveness and speed, our Secretary General Ahmet Şerbetçioğlu said that training activities for members, staff and managers within the chamber will continue.


Date : 7.07.2021 / Location : KTSO
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