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As members of the beloved Turkish nation, we proudly celebrate the 99th anniversary of the Great Offensive and the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief, in which an exemplary struggle for liberation and independence for 7 heifers was crowned with victory in our homeland, whose doors were opened again in August 950 years ago, and became our eternal homeland.

This perseverance and determination, which protects the independence that is being tried to be taken away, the homeland besieged on all sides, with the spirit of unwavering unity and solidarity under all circumstances and conditions, and clears its lands from the invaders, is undoubtedly the greatest strength of our nation against all kinds of threats today.

As representatives of the business world, we always see ourselves as the greatest pride to be a member of the Republic of Turkey. With the aim of a Turkey with a developed economy, increased welfare level and developed in all aspects, we will continue to work and produce with all our strength, as we have done so far, in order to carry our country to the bright future it deserves.

As the business world of Kırıkkale, we celebrate the August 30 Victory Day of our Turkish Armed Forces and our beloved nation with our sincere wishes. We commemorate with mercy and gratitude our heroes of the War of Independence, especially Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who wrote the date of August 30 on the glorious past of our nation with indelible letters, and who made these lands we live in our eternal homeland, and all our martyrs and veterans who sacrificed their lives for this cause.


Chairman of the Board of KTSO

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