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Çelebi congratulated Varlı and his team for their success in the selection of chamber, and said they were very pleased that TSO is managed by a team who linked to national and culturel values. Çelebi emphasized that the service and activities of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, especially with his new service building and technical infrastructure, are applaudable in the last period and congratulated Varlı and his team representing name of Kırıkkale in the field of industry succesfully. Chairman of Executive Board Ahmet Varlı stated that they are continuing their activities with a service approach focused on member satisfaction as Chamber of Commerce. Ahmet Varlı said that Kırıkkale is making continuous efforts to reach the point where it used to be in the field of defense industry but stressed that the support of the politicians is a necessary condition to reach this goal and requested support from the Chairman Çelebi. As a growing person in Kırıkkale, Çelebi stated that they are in constant contact with both the President and ministers. And also, he promised to work together for Kırıkkale as a follower of all kinds of request from Chamber of Commerce and Industry directly to the President or ministers and to produce solutions.

Date : 27.07.2018 / Location : TSO
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