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The shopkeepers of the warehouse site, which was declared a risky area, met with our Chairman of the Board Ahmet Varlı and asked for help in eliminating their grievances.

The shopkeepers of the warehouses site, which was declared a 'Risky Area' with the President's decision dated July 11, 2020 and numbered 31182, visited our Chairman of the Board, Ahmet Varlı, to ask for help in eliminating the grievances that may arise from the demolition of the site. Stating that they do not want to leave the place where the warehousing site, which was designed by the municipality to be used as a park, is now located, the shopkeepers stated that the new site land shown to them is too far from the center. Expressing that he will request a collective meeting by conveying all the demands of the shopkeepers, who are members of our chamber, to the Mayor Mehmet Saygılı, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ahmet Varlı, said that it is very difficult and illegal to continue using the area declared as a risky area, but it is very difficult and unlawful to deal with the municipality regarding the allocation of a new place. He said that he will make an effort to resolve the grievances by holding talks.

Date : 23.06.2021 / Location : KTSO
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