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A development visit was held to observe the progress of the TOBB Accreditation system, which Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been involved in since 2018, over standard criteria. As part of the measures taken during the pandemic process, the auditor Savaş Tatıl , who participated in the online visit on behalf of TOBB, made an observation about the current situation of TSO and its efforts to improve the accreditation process.

Chairman of the Board Ahmet Varlı, Accreditation Monitoring Committee members Nizamettin Ayyıldız, Murat Akyurt, General Secretary Ahmet Şerbetçioğlu, Accreditation Officer Kübra Altıntığ, Press and Information Processing Officer Isa Sarıaydın and Foreign Trade Officer Rümeysa Canıdemir attended the opening meeting . President Varlı, who informed the auditor Tatıl about the general structure of Kırıkkale, services and activities of TSO, talked about the value they give to the Accreditation system as TSO.

As Chamber Management, Varlı stated that they provide all kinds of support related to the accreditation process in order to provide the best service to the members in the fastest way, and that they always support the activities carried out to improve and develop this process, increasing the performance standard of the accreditation system in Turkish chambers and exchanges and Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry also carries out its activities in accordance with the criteria of the accreditation system. In the development work started after the preliminary information, 13 main headings that make up the accreditation system were examined one by one for 16 hours with their subtitles, and recommendations were made by reviewing the compliance of the chamber with the criteria.

Date : 18.09.2020 / Location : KTSO
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