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Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is among the 5-star chambers with its success in the accreditation system it is involved in, is in a continuous renewal in order to increase the service quality even further. KTSO, which has close relations with the chambers and exchanges operating in the neighboring provinces, visited Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a joint study conducted the previous day and performed a comparison of service practices. KTSO Accreditation and Quality Management Responsible Kübra Şerbetçioğlu, Press and Information Processing Officer İsa Sarıaydın and Foreign Trade Officer Rümeysa Canıdemir in the comparison visit of the sub-items of the Accreditation System Human Resources, Communication and Publication, Quality, Communication Network, Policy Representation and International Trade applications of the two rooms were compared. Aksaray TSO Secretary General Mustafa Murat Yılmaz, Deputy Secretary General Ayhan Üyümez and Press and Public Relations, Quality and Accreditation Officer Recep Dilli met with the delegation who received information about the applications of Aksaray TSO, Kırıkkale TSO's applications in the same areas told. Stating that Kırıkkale TSO constantly renews itself in order to increase the quality of service provided to members and to offer more practical solutions to member needs with faster and result-oriented applications, Ahmet Varlı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the benchmark visit was very productive and Aksaray TSO 's good practices will be implemented by the Kırıkkale TSO.

Date : 11.07.2019 / Location : AKSARAY
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