EU Grant Support For Vocational Qualification Certificate Fees

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EU gives grant fund support for vocational qualification certification which to find solutions for providing the sectors with a legal infrastructure, preventing unfair competition and unregistered activies, creating qualified human resources, conducting trade in a safe environment, gaining prestige to professions, increasing trust in professionals, and increasing service quality and consumer satisfaction. Within the scope of the "Vocational Qualification Certificate" application, which is closely related to the employees and especially the employers, the exam fees for the real estate consultancy and motor land vehicle purchase and sale officer will be covered by the European Union grant fund for a certain period of time and within a quota.

In Kırıkkale, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and TOBB MEYBEM A.Ş. coorperation gives VQA, Vocational Qualification exam and certification service include European Union Grant support has been brought for National Competence of Real Estate Advisor Level 4, Responsible Real Estate Advisor Level 5, Motor Vehicles Purchase and Sales Advisor Level 4 and Motor Land Vehicles Purchase and Sales Officer Level 5 exams. Ahmet Varlı said that the document expense fee is not within the scope of the grant.

Stating that all candidates who will take the exam will deposit their exam fees into the bank account of TOBB MEYBEM, and after the exam, all the fees of those who are successful will be returned to their bank accounts by VQA. Stating that successful candidates will only pay 200 TL, which is the document cost fee, for 2021, Varlı underlined that the candidates who want to take the exam can directly benefit from the grant program once.

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