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The medium-sized industrial site to be established in Kırıkkale Arms Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) will reduce the construction costs of the investors. Within the scope of the protocol signed by MUSIAD with Kırıkkale Arms Specialization OIZ, 65 workshops will be built in the concept of smart buildings in two parcels of 19 and 20 decares in the region.

Workshops can be purchased with the support of long-term and low-interest financing to be provided by Halk Bank. In this way, it will be ensured that the construction costs, which constitute a large part of the investments, of the companies that will invest in Turkey's first Arms Specialized OIZ, which was established in 2014 on a 500-decare land in Arpalık Çukur, will be minimized. Ahmet Varlı, Chairman of Kırıkkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Board Member of Silah Specialized OIZ, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Silah Specialized OIZ is very important for Kırıkkale and Turkey. Stating that the OIZ is right next to the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), which is the backbone of the defense industry, Varlı said, "It is an important organized industrial zone in terms of the development of the private sector for the defense industry. We have now come a long way in terms of land allocations." said. Varlı stated that they will allocate two parcels of 19 and 20 decares to MUSIAD within the scope of the protocol they signed last week. Explaining that MUSIAD came to them with a project that will minimize the investment cost for the companies that will invest in the Silah Specialized OIZ, Varlı said: "They will build places on the scale of approximately 65 workshops in these two parcels of 19 and 20 decares. These will be in a modular system. There will be workplaces of approximately 600 square meters, with a floor area of ​​280 square meters with a mezzanine floor. When the investor comes here, for example, he needs a place of 1000 square meters, he will not deal with construction. These buildings will be completely constructed by MUSIAD. These buildings are in the concept of smart building, electricity supplied by solar energy and safe. This is a project that will prevent small companies that want to manufacture in the organized industrial zone from dealing with construction and will minimize the construction costs where they will spend a large part of their investments. "The construction will be completed in 8 months to companies that will operate. He also stated that units to provide support services will be established. Stating that the CNC machines will be maintained and parts will be sold on the site, there will also be places such as restaurants and bank branches, Varlı said: "These are buildings to be built in the concept of smart building. We made this agreement with MUSIAD and this project will be implemented in a short time. The construction phase will be a maximum of 8 It will be completed in a month and allocated to companies that want to invest here. MUSIAD will have given these units to investors with long-term and low-interest loans within the framework of the protocol it signed with Halk Bank. Hopefully, construction will be started very soon by presenting architectural and other projects. This is a beautiful project and when it comes to life, units that can meet all the needs there will be stationed. Our investors will not only save time and have more affordable and comfortable units at the cost point come to a position to serve the industry reported his pocket.

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