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Dear members,

Within the scope of the "Regulation on Real Estate Trade" published by the Ministry of Commerce, a 100-hour training requirement has been imposed on real estate consultants. In order to meet the aforementioned requirement, in line with the requests received from our Chambers, free trainings have been designed for our members engaged in immovable trade and second-hand motor land trade, under the coordination of our Association, in cooperation with TOBB University of Economics and Technology and sahibinden.com.

Trainings that will last 100 hours for real estate trade and 35 hours for second hand motor land vehicle trade are offered to our members online free of charge throughout the year. At the end of the trainings, the participants are also given a certificate of achievement by TOBB ETÜ, and 430 people were entitled to receive certificates of achievement in the first term trainings. The rate of getting certificate of success of the participants in the training is 94%.

The dates of the second trainings, the details of which are available at www.uzmanlik.com, are given below.

-Real estate long program: August 2 - September 10

-Real estate short program: August 6 - September 2

-Used vehicle trading program: August 5 - August 28

In line with the demands of our members, the trainings will continue throughout the year, and members can register at www.uzmanlik.com and join the training with their username and password. It is recommended that our members who miss these trainings follow the programs that will be organized every month during the year, via the aforementioned address.

We present it to your information.

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